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November 10, 2010
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Flechette by TheMichaelMacRae Flechette by TheMichaelMacRae
I made this really quickly tonight. And this is the first time I have tried to draw this dude in detail so his outfit is susceptible to change...


This dudes name is Flechette he's related to this gal > [link]

So just a brief : if you're gonna read this I recommend reading the stuff I put on the other picture I linked ^ first.

SO... Flechette is a very mysterious 500 n' something year old man. Very little is known about him or how he lives, what he does etc. He just exists and he has certain connections with the various governmental organizations that deal with paranormal \ magicy \ sci fi shenanigans that go on in the world.

Frankly however I don't know why or what kind of connections he has... I havent' made that up yet.

He has his own motives and interests (of which are as I said, very mysterious) however when he comes apon the knowledge of Maya's existence, for whatever reason I don't know, he contacts her and they eventually meet.

Lemmy give a physical description of him: Flechette is human, but with the slow passage of time he has all but lost his humanity. While he seems impervious to death and unaffected by age his body does not seem to be so lucky. His body is old and withered, skin like leather and blackened by the cold. He is thin, and looks as though he suffers from extreme malnourishment.

While it is not known if he is affected at all by the intense cold of the far north (where he lives, secluded from society) he had tightly bound himself in various assortments of cloth and animal hide in an almost masochistic looking tangle of ribbons. He has not removed these "clothes" he has only added more as time went on. It is thought that beneath this covering his body is slowly deteriorating and he uses it essentially hold himself together... that could also explain why he chooses to live in sub zero temperatures to possibly preserve himself. But like I said, nobody knows with this guy, he's got his own agenda. It is also believed that there is some sort of black magic going on about him, that his covering and the hundreds of pouches he has fused with it could be containing various charms or items that combine to give him his long life.

Like I said again, he is human but he has lost, or chosen to leave behind, all aspects of his humanity, he does not eat, he does not sleep, he does nothing that we humans do. He exists, and beyond that no one knows what he does.

Maya, upon returning from her 3 month meeting with him in his northern home. (what they did up there no one knows) later reported on his strange habits and lifestyle:

He would sit upright in the corner of the cabin all throughout the night while she tried to sleep, seemingly analyzing her or reading her in some way. She believes he might have some sort of omniscient knowledge of the world because during her stay there was no evidence of any technological devices or ways of communication with the outside.

He doesn't move much, he is often very slow and deliberate though completely capable of quick movements. It seems as though everything he does is planned and calculated.

He has an insatiable interest in anatomy, as is evident in his thousands of drawings of dead animals he has hunted. And he made it clear to Maya that she was very unique and he wished to learn more about her.

Things got a little creepy when she discovered where he hid the animals he killed because he sure as hell doesn't eat them. There is a deep cave in an outcropping proximately 1 mile from his hut where there are hundreds of frozen dismembered animals, mostly caribou.(or whatever animals are up there, I'm too lazy to research)

She did not find out what he does with them.


So yeah I dunno, this is just a character that I made years and years ago. he's gone through a lot of change though. Originally he was going to be a 50 year old bald man with a nazi symbol on his forehead who had the ability to absorb and contort living flesh to create just about any form he wanted... but he always had a special interest in Maya... an interest that was not initially malevolent as it seemed. He still has mysterious intentions however
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I just love this character, man
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truly addicted. want more. 
XNarakonaroX Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
If you ever write some sort of book or short story, I will read it. The way you put so much detail into your drawings and the stories behind them is amazing. Thank you for existing. <3
Exzriel Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very original! I'd love to read a book or just a short novel with this idea, keep heading in that direction!
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