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so if you feel the need to buy stuff with my stuff on it... well you can now gosh!

I'll have more stuff up soon, I gotta make some new jpgs.

here it is.....

also tumblr and

have a good day :)



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Demento-Liszt Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
OUTSTANDING GALLERY! I totally love it.
DaydreamerBlue Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Hello!! I love all the detail you put into your art!! :D
keep up the amazing work!! you definitely have received a new watcher! X)
I am excited to see future projects! :D
blackvenom77 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Absolutely stunning galley! I love the narrative s and how much thought you've put into your characters.
AlmondLily Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am so glad I bumped into you! Made my day to see such a wonderful artist working. Too bad I didn't get to say bye to you! I love your art. The colors are subtle yet together they make your image pop out. I also love how you try out all kinds of different perspectives and angles, you must have a lot of fun doing that :) i hope i can run into again someday! Thanks again for the inspirations and good advices!
orchiida-cy Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
I have to ask because I'm currently going through a very dark spell but what do you use to create your art? do you paint it out then somehow get it on your computer to edit?
  Also, I can relate to your "Sybil" creation. Due to a harsh upbringing, i would try night and day to create a world within myself to escape the cruelty of the outside. I didn't succeed in her fashion (but what a joy that would have been) but i managed to create a story world as real to me as this one. So i use it to create my characters, one of which, is very dear to me and like your sybil, made only for me, but i can't help but want to share the wonderful adventures and stories i've come up for him and his friends but haven't found the right art genre in which i want to present him. My current art skills, in a word, suck. amateurish. eye-sore. (i could go on)
Then i saw yours and it was breath taking. I don't mean to learn your secrets or offend you in anyway but simply learn this style of art for my stories. I assure i will never reach your talent but if you could give me any advice i would greatly appreciate it.
TheMichaelMacRae Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First off, no more self deprecating comments. It does no good for anyone.

I paint in photoshop. No traditional stuff. I use the brush tool (with varying opacity, flow levels, texture, shape etc. Whatever seems fit) and I lock layers a lot. 

If you can spare 10 dollars a month, get photoshop cc. and save up for a tablet. I use a cintiq, but a standard wacom intuos (or whatever they call them these days) will do you fine.

I can't teach you how to paint, I'd have to actually sit down and show you, let alone teaching you "my style". I think very few artists actually deliberately have a 'style'. They simply rationalize visual information in a way that makes sense to them, in a way they know how. In their head, it's not a style, it's just how they see the world. It's only a style to others. I guess that's a long way of saying I can't teach you my style because I don't even know what it is. i just paint. 

Find some artists you like and try to paint like them. Paint something and then compare it to an artist's work who you consider to be a bit better than yourself. try to figure out why yours picture doesn't look as good as theirs. Keep doing this until you find more challenging artists to compare yourself to and keep going. That's what I did!
orchiida-cy Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
you are now officially my god!!!! you actually replied to me... AND YOU HELPED ME!!!! I have Photoshop cs6 and a bamboo fun tablet that misbehaves a lot!
Alright, so first i have to learn how to use Photoshop brush tool more efficiently. I'm not sure if my lil fun tablet will be efficient but i'll try with it.
If its alright with you, i would like your permission to practice with some of your artwork. of course i wont display any of them but when i feel like i'm getting skilled enough i'll create my own and post it and hopefully you find it appeasing.
Thank you so much for your advice.
GLORY ONTO YOU!!!!!!!! Worship 
TheMichaelMacRae Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A bamboo fun was the first tablet I bought. It was alright but it also misbehaved... A LOT. So I dumped the sleazy hag and made a move on a hot new intros 3 which was the newest at the time. It was much better. The bamboo is just too small, and if you have one of the recently released ones I think they all have a weird faux paper texture to them which I find to be as appealing as nails on a chalk board. I suggest either finding a used (or new) intuos 4, five or whatever, with a bigger surface area, you'll be much happier, they're quite nice and perfect for painting, as good as using a cintiq imo... but they aren't as good for doing line art specifically, for that the cintiq is immeasurably valuable. BUT it's not necessary I did without it for like 5 years. 

Some painting tips though: Try not to rely on the airbrush method of painting i.e.: 1 - 10% flow and a soft edged brush, a lot of newbies use the airbrush because it's easier to blend colours... don't be like them... I started myself off using a technique like this guy:…  I've been following him for years even though he's barely put anything out in over a century. He uses a low opacity, hard, round brush and just paints with many many brush strokes. He builds up colours and shades and whatnot by overlapping brush strokes. No soft brushes, no airbrushing (*gag*) and it helps you learn how to better choose colours and shades. 

His sense of color is much more refined that it looks outright. For instance look at the dove in that picture. A dove is white obviously, but he adds snippets of saturated color along the edges, not enough that it stands out as an oddly coloured dove if you look at it at a glance. but it's enough that it gives it depth. Also look at the bricks on the wall to the left, if you blur your vision and look at it (un focussing your eyes helps to blend all the colours and shades together so you can better judge what the over all color is) you notice it's kind of a grey color. BUT IT"S NOT!! Don't be fooled. Try not to paint the color you think something is (in this case: grey) rather, paint all the colours inside of it that ADD up to its over all color. Those bricks are made out of de-saturated greens, browns and blues. Don't be afraid to put a de-saturated color next to a saturated color or a dark saturated color next to a light de-saturated color. I notice a  lot of newer artists seem to be afraid to go too dark or too light, too saturated or too de-saturated... Experiment with the extremes, it will help you understand how to implement the elements of color saturation with light and dark.

In general, I find, areas that are in shade are more saturated, areas in light are more de saturated. 

Another tip. Know how the human eye sees shape/value/hue.  

Put the most emphasis on tone, (light and dark) make sure there is lots of contrast in your picture. Without contrast, the entire picture will blur into one ugly blob no matter how detailed it is. Separate your picture into three tones: WHITE, GREY and BLack. Imagine a light/dark scale that goes from 1 (white) to 11(black) --- 1-3 is white 5-7 is grey and 9-11 is black. Notice how I left out 4 and 8? This is the key to making your picture have contrast. Just straight up DUMP those two shades, you don't need em.

Thus, let's say your main character in a  composition is going to be the lightest element of your picture, and the background is going to be grey and black. NEVER (except in maybe really small elements) have elements in your background come close to the same lightness as the elements that make up your main character. 

What I'm getting at is say you want to shade your main character, you can only use shades that fall within the 1-3 tonal value. If you start to use shades outside of that, you risk your main character blurring into the background and the entire picture could lose focus. Ofcourse there are always exceptions to the rules, but in general for starting out, I'd say try to stick to this rule of separating the elements of your picture into very distinctive tonal values.… this picture is kindof an example of what I'm getting at. Notice how she doesn't have any lighter colours on her that are lighter than any colours in the background? With snowy environments this is really easy to pull off because the background is basically just white with snippets of grey in it. But it still demonstrates what I was talking about.

SO yeah, if you want you can send me some pictures you finish and I can show you how to improve!
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asphagnum Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Good to see you're here. Again.
yoggurt Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You are back! Yay!
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